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Alex Bregman has not taken the world by storm like Kris Bryant.

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This year’s .308 OBP is something of a disappointment, then. Or a cosmic disturbance.

I’m not sure how much the Astros were really expecting from a 40-year-old Carlos Beltran slightly less than they got in 2004, perhaps but his average, OBP, and power are all down substantially. It’s not like he moved from Yankee Stadium to AT&T Park, so the age gremlins might have gotten him.

Charlie Morton has been OK, but not great. Mike Fiers is broken, perhaps, and the entire rotation behind Keuchel and McCullers has been underwhelming, at best.

It’s not an extensive list of disappointing players. But for a team that’s winning nearly three out of every four games, it’s still telling that over a quarter of their roster has been a disappointment, including four projected lineup cogs.

That’s outright ignoring the rules, and by doing so the Cubs lost out on a run and the Padres lost their catcher to injury. Shouldn’t Maddon be upset about that first part, even if he has to pretend the second part isn’t an actual issue?

[Update 2:59 p.m:] These aren’t just the ramblings of someone with a series to follow-up on. MLB has reportedly determined Rizzo did in fact fail to follow rule 7.13. This changes nothing, as Rizzo was called out at the plate, other than the fact that he was wrong and now should have to apologize by saying It turns out that the game was not on.

In lighter news we can be mad at the Cubs about, they’re selling pieces of ivy from the 2016 version of Wrigley Field for $200. I guess we should just be happy that the Cubs didn’t make all of them say That’s Cub.

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NFC East 2017 predictions: Steady Cowboys, streaky Giants still top division

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The Cowboys went 13-3 to take the NFC East last season, but of course, even that wasn’t easy. All three of their regular-season losses came within the division, including both games to the 11-5 Giants.

That’s just life in the most competitive, highest-profile division in the NFL. Dallas is now The Best Cheap Jerseys trying to do something no team in the East has done since Philadelphia in 2004 — repeat as division champion.

Since 2011, when New York went on to win the Super Bowl, all four teams can boast a title, with Dallas and Washington earning two each. Will the turnover continue, or can the Cowboys rope in another? It figures to be another wild ride made for primetime.

A report from the New York Daily News indicated that the Clippers would have interest in Anthony only if he could be had without L.A. giving up Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. The Knicks tried to interest the Cavaliers in Anthony, but Cleveland would not give up Kevin Love for him. If you’re a fan of Anthony and the Knicks, be prepared to be lowballed in any Anthony trade.

Jackson certainly seems to be prepared for just that. Anthony is not going to bring the kind of haul to the Knicks he brought to the Nuggets when New York acquired him six years ago, and Jackson seems to have come to the conclusion that he can live with underselling on Anthony if it gives him a chance to reboot his wayward attempts at rebuilding the team.

He had that opportunity when he gave Anthony his current contract. In the end, he USA Cheap Jerseys gave Anthony the star deal because he felt he had little choice. Now, we’re seeing Jackson’s regret in action.

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