Yu Darvish is excellent, a pending free agent, and currently employed by an under-.500 team. As such, we will be saturated with Darvish trade rumors for the next 10 days. I would complain, except it’s going to be a whole mess of fun.

Up until now, though, the rumors were vague. The Rangers were exploring the idea of trading Darvish. Contending teams have checked in. Sources with knowledge of the Rangers’ thinking were concerned that trades were just a construct and that man was not meant to be used in the transactional follies of the ruling class. There wasn’t anything concrete. Give us a concrete rumor!

Well, all right. You can build a house out of that sucker. The Cubs have already made the biggest move of the deadline so far, and they’re at least contemplating making another whopper. Does this rumor make sense?

Heck yeah, that’s an A-. The Braves’ 11-through-20 prospects might be better than the top 10 for some teams, and this is certainly one way to guarantee they get some present value from that deep system. Gray makes sense, even if the Braves are currently in sell mode (at least, if the Jaime Garcia trade is any indication).

Pitchers as young, cheap, and talented as Gray don’t come up for auction very often, and the Braves are rightfully interested. They were interested in Jose Quintana, too, and this is just a variation on the theme. The Braves don’t really know what they are at this point, and Gray can help them figure that out together.

The Dodgers are the Ghost of Baseball Future, unconscionably young and improving, with untapped potential to address whatever weak spots they still might have. They’re going to win the NL West by a million games, and they’ll have home-field advantage throughout the postseason unless something goes screwy.

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