Since returning to work in the NFL, Raiders coach Jon Gruden has complained several times about the rules barring coaches from doing football work with players until the start of offseason programs in April.

Gruden issued his latest round of complaints during a visit to PFT Live on Wednesday and called it really disappointing to have to make decisions about roster spots without meeting some of the players in question. Another one of the league’s incoming head coaches expressed a different view on Thursday.

Instead, after letting go of hundreds of employees over the last few years, ESPN announced in December that Skipper would resign, citing an unspecified substance addiction. Whatever the circumstances of his departure, Skipper left behind an unsteady ship, one rocked by layoffs and lacking a consistent direction in contending with rising sports fees and declining cable subscribers.

Iger is turning to Pitaro because he believes Pitaro’s technological, sports and media foundation fits perfectly for this moment. From 2004-09, Pitaro ran Yahoo’s sports website, which rose to prominence led by NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski. Pitaro then headed up Yahoo Media, where he set strategy. Iger hired him to be the head of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, where he has met Iger’s expectations.

Soon, he’ll be out of the top half of the league. With one year left on his current contract, the Falcons hope to get a new deal in place sooner than later.

During a Monday visit with PFT Live, Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff said that the team definitely prefers sooner, since doing a deal sooner will allow them to address other areas in free agency, because they’ll know exactly what will be devoted to Ryan under the cap in 2018 and beyond.

From Ryan’s perspective, however, he may want to go later, after guys like Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers sign their new contracts. The fact that Ryan’s agent, Tom Condon, also represents Brees gives Condon an easy way to tap the brakes on a deal for Ryan, at least until Brees is signed, sealed, and delivered to the Saints — or someone else.

Ryan, whose decade with the Falcons has directly been responsible for the team’s decade of relevance, surely will remain with the Falcons. But time is likely on his side at this point, in part because time isn’t on the team’s.

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