This man has the most incredible sports voice that sounds like everything on TV and it’s stunning that he doesn’t already have a broadcasting job somewhere.

Two videos hit YouTube on Tuesday showing this man, whose generic sports voice is spot on. In this video he seamlessly pivots from golf to NFL, and it fits. Whether he’s pretending to call a shot for Jordan Spieth at the Travelers Championship, or fake interview Bill Belichick.

The second video is more relaxed. Just a bunch of friends hanging out, while this dude dials in his NFL voice for the mirth of everyone.

Gettleman was handed a roster with a backbone mostly made out of Hurney’s selections and turned it into a Super Bowl-level roster in 2015. But he seemed to value wins more than he valued loyalty, and that meant fractured relationships with many of Carolina’s most prominent players.

After Gettleman was fired, Steve Smith, Josh Norman, and DeAngelo Williams each of whom began their careers with the Panthers all celebrated his firing.

With Olsen and linebacker Thomas Davis both attempting to negotiate new deals with the team, Gettleman’s abrupt dismissal may have been tied to ownership’s desire to keep key players in place and not lose them the way the team lost Smith, Norman, or Williams.

Louis Vuitton requires customers to register a personalized ID in order to purchase products. Cabe didn’t have one, so he attempted to pass himself off as Johnson in an attempt to buy $18,548 worth of goods, according to the Aspen Times.

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