Brown’s strategy has been to rebuild Cleveland’s D from the inside out. If the Browns’ young players can live up to their potential, they could boast one of the NFL’s top defensive lines.

The headliner is 2017 No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett. In three seasons at Texas A&M, the explosive defensive end racked up 31 sacks while emerging as a clear favorite to be the top pick. He should be able to contribute immediately for a team that finished second to last in the league when it came to quarterback pressure. But there are plenty of players who can pick up the slack if he struggles or has to miss any games due to injury like he did during his final season in college.

Meder was a starter in 2016, and Bryant will return after missing all of last season due to injury. Both can provide a positive effect in a well-rested rotation. Carl Nassib, the 2015 Lombardi Award winner, may have peaked in college or could still have room to grow in the NFL.

The stadium was too bright for actual fireworks, so they had to make do with LED sign fireworks.

And at the end of all this, Air Bud wins World Series MVP! This is an actual frame from the movie, in case you want to swap out your desktop wallpaper:

All we saw was Air Bud catch a ball in his mouth and get the final out, and apparently that was enough to earn MVP. We didn’t see him at bat, although thanks to the scoreboard, we can assume he didn’t help much there. All we’re left with is imagining what else he did at first base to earn that honor, and maybe that’s for the best. Part of me believes this ending was all a dream sequence in Air Bud’s head.

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