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Archives for: December 30, 2017

Chiefs vs. Texans 2017 live updates: Scores, highlights, and results for ‘Sunday Night Football’

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Two of the most exciting teams in the NFL square off Sunday night. Deshaun Watson tied his own rookie record that he set last week with five touchdown passes, but it wasn’t enough against the Chiefs. Kansas City stays perfect with the 42-34 win.

All four have winnable games. The Browns host the Jets, who are awful but somehow staring at a potential 3-2 record through five weeks. The 49ers, who have lost three straight games by three points or fewer for the first time in franchise history, travel to Indianapolis. The Chargers and Giants are playing each other, and while a 13-13 tie is what the NFL universe deserves, someone will probably win that contest.

Watson looks consistently poised and cool under pressure. He steps up and makes big plays when his team needs him most. It may not translate to wins right away, but Watson sure does look like the quarterback of the future, which is something the Texans have needed for a long time.

All we’ve heard about this season with the Chiefs is Kareem Hunt. But Charcandrick West stole his thunder on Sunday night.

It’s taken an edge off the run defense, no question about it, Harbaugh said of the injuries to Williams and defensive end Brent Urban. But we’re getting a lot of tackles for loss. Terrell Suggs made a lot of big plays in the backfield. Our guys are flying around to the football.

It’s only been five weeks, but these teams are in the top three in biggest winning percentage improvement. This matchup also marks just the fourth time in last four years that two opponents both at least three games over .500 will meet on TNF. This game has all the making of a old-fashion run the ball, play solid defense, and hit home runs type of game.

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Fried foods are off the menu for both teams.

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Allen isn’t the only injury concern for Washington. Cornerback Bashaud Breeland sprained his left MCL, but Gruden said he could play Monday, Oct. 23, at Philadelphia. Corner Josh Norman did not play vs. San Francisco on Sunday because of a fractured rib, but Gruden said he’ll increase his exercise and running and will be re-evaluated midweek. Gruden said Norman could be ready for the Eagles game.

He does, or did on this one day, and who’s to say that at age 32 a player as freakishly dominant and resilient as Peterson can’t possibly resurrect his career and the Cardinals’ season at the same time? Arizona’s offensive line has had a rough year, but Peterson in his prime was one of those running backs the old coaches like to say brings his own blocking. This is no longer his prime, but what if he has enough motivation to muster three good months?

The concept is pretty simple: If players eat the right foods at work, then they’re OK to splurge a little on their personal time — and food extends beyond what they eat while at the facility. Teams prepare meals for players to take home, should they so choose — which takes any guess work out of healthy eating.

It’s a fascinating and oft-ignored piece of the puzzle in the NFL. So much focus is often on the external, hot-cold baths, physical therapy, and injury prevention that now teams are looking more and more at what fuels their stars. It turns out it’s a lot of food, and a whole lot of thought from those charged with preparing it for them.

Blocking matters in fantasy football, and in Week 6 we saw a pair of running backs stand out with big fantasy point totals. Are their performances sustainable? KC Joyner explores that and more in his review of the matchups along the line of scrimmage.

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I believe the single best thing to arrive in Houston since last season is an offense.

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A real-life offense that looks like it belongs in the NFL. We haven’t really had one of those around these parts since 2012.

The Chiefs will find a way to beat the Texans because Hunt is a threat in the run and pass game. Don’t forget, though: Kansas City still has tight end Travis Kelce and receiver Tyreek Hill in its back pocket, too. Houston will assert its dominance early, but Kansas City’s offense will overwhelm the Texans. Our SB Nation NFL experts were split down the middle on this game, but OddsShark’s computer broke the tie by siding with the Texans.

Corey Coleman has been injured since Week 2, leaving him with Ricardo Louis, Kenny Britt, and Rashard Higgins at wide receiver. The leading receiver on the team is Duke Johnson, a running back, with tight end Seth DeValve second in yards.

The 0-5 start has been disappointing for the Browns. It appeared they made some good changes during the offseason and improved the roster with picks like Garrett, Kizer, David Njoku, and Jabrill Peppers. Though it’s clear that there’s still work to be done in Cleveland.

If Garrett lives up to the type of player everybody expects him to be, he’ll be the franchise player has desperately needed since coming back to the NFL in 1999. At the very least, he gives Browns fans hope for a better future, when there was none before.

Brees has racked up only six other MVP votes over the rest of his career combined, so while he consistently has been a top-eight quarterback, we’re collectively sleeping on just how impactful he has been for so long.

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First we had the Jaguars demolishing the Ravens.

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God, it was beautiful. I have no vested interest in either team, but any game where Blake Bortles throws four touchdowns and Joe Flacco struggles to throw for 30 yards is Keats-esque romantic poetry. TV coverage juxtaposed photos of regal, perfect ravens guarding London Tower with these trash American Ravens stinking up Wembley and it was perfect.

That and I know 90 percent of the crowd in attendance called Jacksonville the Jag-you-ars. That tickles me to no end.

THIS is what bad football is all about. I’ll take a 20-0 game where Jay Cutler doesn’t move over some 9-6 defensive battle where both teams are leaning on field goals. There were so many Dolphins jerseys in the stands and I had to wonder how many of these people were purely fans because of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective and I’d wager at least a hundred fans were Dolphins fans for that reason.

Learn to embrace London football. Let is wash over you. Enjoy how dumb it is that the NFL keeps forcing this to happen. Accept that you’re watching jet-lagged athletes struggle to play in an unfamiliar place. This is the true beauty of 9:30 a.m. London football and I didn’t know how much I missed it until now.

We are completely blown away by the amount of attention this video has received, she told SB Nation.com. The footage shot in the car has been posted by the Los Angeles Times, the Telegraph, and the NY Daily News. Everyone is appreciating not only the emotion Griff showed, but the ruse pulled by everyone involved.

To sell it, they needed a good backstory for why they’d be traveling from their home in Statesboro, Georgia to Jacksonville on a Sunday and came up with one so mundane a kid would be forgiven for being unenthusiastic.

This is what made it so great when Griff got handed the ticket. Minutes away from the stadium, he was sure he was going to a food expo. The boy had no idea the Rams were in town.

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This game never should’ve gotten to OT in the first place. I’ll let Stampede Blue take it away.

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On top of the disastrous performance from the defense in the fourth quarter, Pagano also demonstrated very poor time and game management skills. Late in the fourth quarter, with the 49ers down by seven and in the red zone, Pagano failed to leave any time on the clock for the Colts to drive down the field and potentially get a field goal to win in regulation. Pagano let the clock run down an additional 40 seconds, called a timeout, the 49ers scored Cheap Dog Jerseys and it left the Colts with no time to work with. They ended up taking a knee and had no chance to go down the field in regulation.

Meanwhile, Watson has been one of the league’s most exciting rookies since earning the Texans’ starting role. He leads the league with 15 touchdown passes. In his last three games alone, he’s accounted for 13 touchdowns. In their last three games, the Browns have scored four offensive touchdowns.

What’s even tougher for the Browns is head coach Hue Jackson’s insistence he knew Watson was special all along.

Watson isn’t the only stalwart young passer the franchise has passed on. The reason Brown had the 12th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft was thanks to a 2016 trade that gave up the No. 2 overall pick. Philadelphia used that selection to draft Carson Wentz. He currently leads a 5-1 Eagles team. His 99.5 passer rating is currently seventh in the NFL — one spot behind Watson.

Davon House, Kevin King, and Morgan Burnett sat Week 6 out. Demetri Goodson hasn’t played yet Cheap Echl Jerseys this season. That’s six defensive backs who have started games in either 2016 or 2017 who were unavailable.

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See how easy this is? How painless? One goes down, another pops up.

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Stafford’s opportunity to lead one last two-minute drill was wiped away by Newton, however. The Panthers, facing third-and-9 from their own 24-yard-line, iced the game with a 17-yard strike to Kelvin Benjamin. After three kneel-downs, Carolina stood atop the NFC, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Eagles for now.

Those in the Delta Sky360 Club (which, in 16,455 square feet, elevates the sports bar concept to a magnificent VIP experience) were forced to witness a man’s private agony. It disturbed the reverie, intruded on the fantasy that we are somehow not complicit in the game’s brutality. A player goes down while you’re watching on TV and they cut to a commercial. When they come back, he is miraculously gone, and the attention moves to the inadequacies of his replacement.

But this is different. They close their eyes and wince, the image flashing in their minds. They shake their heads reflexively, as if they can dislodge the memory and evict it from their brains. They watched Teddy Bridgewater go down on that field on Aug. 30, his left leg separating at the knee, during the first minutes of a Vikings preseason practice. Every time they think about it, every time they stand near this field and close their eyes, they see it again.

INJURIES IN THE NFL are commodified, sloganized, reduced to transactions. They’re interchangeable, disposable, devoid of pain. They’re dehumanized, disembodied, such an expected part of the game that they’ve got their own capitalized catchphrase: Next Man Up.

Check the injury report, adjust your fantasy team.

I hate that exact saying — ‘Next man up,’ Vikings guard Alex Boone says. That’s f—ed up because it makes it sound like we’re barbarians. Like we don’t care: ‘F— it, he’s hurt, move on.’ It’s terrible to say that. A guy gets hurt and all of a sudden everyone is like, ‘Oh, who was that guy?’

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Chargers look to extend win streak vs. Broncos

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The Denver Broncos seek to get back on track against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

The eccentric receiver is a fixture in commercials and hard to miss during games. His huge profile comes as a result of his excellent play. Just a couple weeks ago, the 24-year-old receiver became the quickest ever to 300 career receptions and his career average of 94.1 yards per game is behind only Julio Jones on the all-time leaderboard.

Bennett said he spoke with some of the players who attended the NFL meetings on Tuesday in New York; he was unable to be there because the Seahawks were practicing that day. Kaepernick was brought up during the meetings, according to Bennett, but there wasn’t much discussion about him.

I don’t think we can work alongside of them until we address that issue, Bennett said. I think the issue with Kaepernick is the start to a conversation. If they want us to be open to what they want, the dialogue, then that’s something that needs to be on the table right there.

Bennett and many other players, including Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman, believe that Kaepernick has remained unsigned because of his decision not to stand for the national anthem last season, while he was with the San Francisco 49ers.

If you look at the quarterbacks playing in the NFL right now, out of the backups, I can’t name one better than him, Bennett said.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that he believes players should stand for the national anthem. Bennett, though, said he plans to resume sitting going forward.

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