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Archives for: October 31, 2017

Three Athletics rookies did something that hasn’t been done in 103 years

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The Athletics have had a tough few years. Their team, which had an enviable amount of success and promise from 2012-2014, cratered in 2015 and hasn’t been able to recover. But the future of the Athletics is bright. The I’ve gotta wear shades kind of bright. And everyone had to put on those shades on Saturday when in one single game their future put on a marvelous fireworks show of home runs. Rookies Matt Olson, Jaycob Brugman and Franklin Barreto all hit their very first major league home runs in three straight innings against the White Sox.

And always, always, Mr. Met is chased off by someone deserving a cheer: a pitcher from the bullpen, a bat boy, or a young fan wielding a foam bat. When Mr. Met stumbles, falls, and runs away in defeat, the young Mets fan will receive a wild roar that forges a diehard fandom for life.

Please. Please, Mets, I need this to happen. I want to take my children to Citi Field and teach them to hate the gruesome stitched face of the baseball-headed heel. We shall boo him together and form lasting bonds across our generations a truly New York bond: the shared dislike of something vile in the city, like Murray Hill or suspended L train service.

New York City is a crowded, angry pustule of steel, and concrete, and rats with nutria ambitions. The Yankees have their history and pinstripes and Aaron Judge. The Mets have cocaine, an apple in a hat, and a mascot who flipped off the fans. It’s time they steered into the skid.

Oh, what has happened to our big, beefy lumber boy, oh, what has happened indeed? Schwarber has been one of the least valuable players in baseball, and the fall has been so dramatic, so unrelenting, that the Cubs might actually send him to the minor leagues to find himself.

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Devils-Jets game postponed because of winter storm

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Tuesday’s Jets-Devils game at the Prudential Center in New Jersey has been postponed because of the winter storm hitting the East Coast, the NHL announced.

The matchup was rescheduled for March 28 as Winter Storm Stella hammered the Northeast amid a blizzard warning calling for more than a foot of snow.

The Devils confirmed that tickets for Tuesday’s game will be valid for the same seats for the rescheduled game.

The Jets fell to the Predators on Monday in Nashville and departed for New Jersey after the game. The team arrived safely early Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Devils canceled their morning skate Tuesday but had prepared Monday to play the game as scheduled.

Counting fifth-round pick Shawn McCosh’s one goal in nine games, Detroit’s Class of 1989 played 5,955 games in the NHL and scored 3,593 points. When Lidstrom and Fedorov are enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday, it will be a fitting tribute to an amazing draft class.

The Red Wings have been a great franchise on draft day for decades. This wasn’t their only incredible draft. They had a crazy draft in 1983, when they tabbed Steve Yzerman but also the trio of Bob Probert, Joey Kocur and Stu Grimson. There were nearly 1,000 goals and 9,000 penalty minutes between those four, though Yzerman did most of the scoring.

Led by the Red Wings’ Class of 1989, here is a look at the best draft class for every NHL franchise — and we’re including previous cities for each as well. We’re not passing up a chance to for Nordiques and Whalers photos.

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Austin Bain entered and immediately gave up two runs

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Pitcher No. 6 was done. One inning pitched, one hit, two earned runs, one strikeout, and five batters faced.

After Beck, Austin Bain entered and immediately gave up two runs, which owed to Beck, of course. Bain in fact had probably the best outing of the night for LSU since he forced only a single and recorded a strikeout. Never mind, though, since by the time he was sat down, the score was 13-1 Beavers, and there’s no coming back from that.

Pitcher No. 7 was done. 1/3 innings pitched, one hit, no earned runs, one strikeout, and two batters faced.

Finally, mercifully, Russell Reynolds came in to throw the ninth, and he quickly gave up a single to the shortstop, then that runner advanced to second on a throwing error. The next batter walked, then Nick Madrigal advanced to third on a pop fly. It seemed that Oregon State was building yet another threat, but Jack Anderson grounded into a double play and that was it for the top of the frame.

Worse still, Sherrod just couldn’t find his targets, and after walking another batsman to cross the Cardinals’ second runner of the frame, he got the ax, having thrown just 15 pitches. Just a miserable offering in a park that requires sound defense. Kaylor Chafin came in to mop up the final two outs, but A&M was by then very much on the ropes.

From there, the Cards crossed another run in the bottom of the eighth, but really the damage had been done. Louisville took it to advance to the winners bracket, 8-4.

In the evening session, Florida big whip Alex Faedo who was drafted by the Tigers in the first round of the MLB Draft on Monday needed just 10 pitches (seven strikes) to get himself out of the top of the first totally clean. The Gators backed that up with a sac-grounder to score one in the bottom of the frame and off to the second they went, 1-0 Florida.

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LSU and Florida State played the nastiest college baseball game of the year

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The College World Series brings together the best eight teams in the nation for an egalitarian battle of double-elimination baseball that often pushes teams and rotations to their breaking points. No one will ever forget the 2016 CWS, when Coastal Carolina had to pitch a damn closer as a starter in the series’ final game just to eliminate pesky Arizona. Long live the Chanticleers.

And so Florida State and LSU met for an opening night date in Omaha for one of the most highly anticipated games of the tournament, what with LSU throwing and pitching lights-out baseball and FSU answering with lights-out throwing and pitching of its own. This game should go down in history as one of the best ever played at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. The Tigers’ D, in particular, carried them through to a dramatic, hard-fought victory.

The ACC is well-represented, though not by the likes of Clemson. Wake Forest and NC State both upended their higher-ranked opponents on Saturday, and each advanced into the undefeated lines of their respective brackets.

The story of the tournament’s early going, however, has to be the Davidson Wildcats. Stephen Curry’s alma mater has beaten both UNC and hard-hitting Florida Gulf Coast in consecutive outings, and this under-the-radar team has the feeling of last year’s upstarts, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. If your team is eliminated at any point of the tournament, Davidson is your new favorite team.

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Please, hold your Carlos Gomez heckling until the end. We’re almost done.

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There are so many different ways the Astros can go, and while it’s unlikely that the Astros will start winning more games, or even maintain their current pace, they’ll have opportunities to improve their assembled talent and become even scarier.

A scarier Astros team isn’t anything the American League needs right now. But it’s probably coming. Just don’t think about how their keystone combination is still impossibly young and otherworldly and how they’ll be around for the better part of the decade, because that’s extra scary, too.

It was just a couple years ago that the thought of the 2017 Astros made the internet heckle a poor, defenseless magazine. Look at them now. They’re the best team in baseball, and they have a shot to get better.

Still, the Mets caused their own problems for the most part, so how bad should we really feel for them? Then again, the Cubs and Rizzo just preyed on the poor Padres, who are not only the least villainous, but also potentially not even an actual team that exists. On the other other hand, it’s not like the Cubs are the only team that ignores rules about slides and collisions.

It’s a tough situation, this villainy thing.

So, here’s your tiebreaker: Let’s not forget the early season issue where John Lackey and Chris Bosio both heavily implied Eric Thames was using performance-enhancing drugs because he hit dingers off Chicago pitching. That’s even more embarrassing today when you see how the Cubs’ rotation is doing even when it’s not facing Eric Thames.

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Kris Bryant doesn’t seem interested in an extension with the Cubs

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Kris Bryant is pretty good at the whole baseball thing. He’s 25, he’s already got an MVP and a World Series ring, and he’s not even arbitration-eligible yet. The Cubs were hoping to keep him from ever being that way, too, as they reportedly offered him an extension or, at the least, tried to begin extension talks. However, Bryant (and his agent, Scott Boras), apparently have no interest in signing one, to the point that they might not have even taken the time to hear the Cubs out.

According to the Jon Heyman story linked above, one Cubs official described the response of Bryant’s camp to an extension entreaty to be We’re good. And you probably don’t even need to ask why that’s the case. But if you’re scratching your head as to why, it has to do with maximizing earnings.

Kris Bryant would benefit financially if he accepted an extension now, sure, in the sense that he’s trapped in a system that refuses to recognize the value of what he’s producing until he’s 30 years old. He’s a superstar athlete, though, and he’s in a tremendous position to bet on himself and earn far more than what the Cubs will offer him.

A team would have to have three rookies in their lineup, all who have never hit a major league homer before, and they’d all have to face a pitcher who was ready to give up dingers. Well, ready probably isn’t the right word there. James Shields wasn’t ready to give up those home runs. But now he’s part of history, just like Olson, Brugman, and Barreto.

The Athletics have had a rough few years, but their future is full of promise. And everyone saw it explode in to reality in the span of just three innings.

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Cal State Fullerton was this year’s first team to advance out of the regional round

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LSU participated in perhaps the zaniest college baseball game of the year on Saturday with Florida State, where three Seminole blunders tanked FSU in a 5-4 loss. The Tigers and ‘Noles should play every year.

So LSU and No. 1 overall national seed Oregon State sat down for a getting-to-know-you Monday in a high-expectations bout between tournament heavy hitters. Big time arms Alex Lange and Jared Poche were out of service, having thrown Saturday night in the Tigers’ opener. So meet they did. Thing is, only the Beavers came to play, or at least play well.


Cal State Fullerton was this year’s first team to advance out of the regional round, riding three straight wins out over BYU and Stanford twice to earn Tuffy’s place in the tournament’s second round. They cleaned up a 4-2 win over the Cardinal on Saturday night and now they’re dancing off to meet whoever wins the Long Beach regional.

In the early game of the Lexington regional, detested Indiana was dispatched by host Kentucky with relative ease, 14-9, thanks to a six-run sixth inning for the Wildcats. Kentucky got beat up by NC State on Saturday and, like many a host club, had to fight their way out of the losers bracket to advance into the Lexington regional’s final.

There were steroids and new ballparks mixed in. Then the steroids were partially curtailed and the new ballparks became old ballparks. The players keep getting bigger and stronger, and the balls keep getting thrown and hit harder. Baseball is, and will always be, changing.

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The momentum for a rule change had stalled.

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In the article, we’re treated with the news that not only were the rules going to remain the same, but that Torre declined to bring the matter to the rules committee. It wasn’t that baseball deliberated about a new rule and then declined. It wasn’t even brought up. Total nonstarter.

Then the 2012 season came and went, and Posey won the MVP. His career wasn’t ruined. The urgency wasn’t the same. The momentum for a rule change had stalled.

In the 2013 American League Championship Series, though, Alex Avila was blown up at home plate and removed from the game. Here was a headline after that play:

SABERMETRICIAN: Well, when you pair his improved exit velocity with a slight change in swing path …
Justin Smoak was a perennial tease, a top-10 draft pick as a college first baseman, which is usually a recipe that leads to at least one All-Star appearance. He was a career .223 hitter who averaged 15 homers a year. In seven combined seasons, he was worth a total of 1.5 WAR. That is, he was a replacement-level first baseman, more or less. Just a guy.

He’s already doubled his career WAR this season, hitting .291/.353/.597. He’s hit 17 homers. If he went 0 for his next 100, his season line would look roughly like last season’s.

He’s not even the best example from the top half of the 2008 Draft, either. Yonder Alonso was the story of April, and he’s the story of May. He was the Justin Smoak of first basemen for years, hitting just enough to try again, never hitting enough to be excited about it. He’s nearly doubled his career high in home runs in just 156 at-bats, and it’s not like he’s doing it in Coors Field, either.

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College World Series 2017 scores and bracket: Louisville brought the bats to Omaha

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After Saturday night’s zany antics between LSU and Florida State, Sunday would be hard-pressed to top the Tigers and ‘Noles in the drama department, but both bouts on the other side of the bracket had plenty to offer College World Series viewers. Louisville’s bats in particular opened up TD Ameritrade Park for some good old fashioned run manufacturing, and the Cardinals scored the most runs of the CWS thus far.

Flamethrower Sam Bordner took the hill for Louisville in the bottom of the sixth, with the Cards sporting still a 4-3 disadvantage. He put down the side in order, then it was TCU’s duty to allow no more Cardinal runs, insofar as tagging hits off Bordner is the tallest of tasks in college baseball this season. Bordner and Wymer thus sat down for a classic pitchers’ duel, with neither crossing runs for two innings.

In the top of the eighth, Louisville catcher Colby Fitch reach first, then tried to steal second where he was thrown out on a very close tag-and-touch. That brought out Cards skipper Dan McDonnell to argue vociferously with the second base umpire, who promptly tossed Louisville’s head man the first such coaching ejection in the CWS since 2007. McKay struck out swinging and the frame was over.

TCU answered in the bottom of the eighth with an impressive bunt down the third base line, which Drew Ellis fielded then blasted for a wild throw over to second, which Zach Humphreys capitalized on for an advancement to second. Power man Evan Skoug then received an expected intentional walk, and a committee meeting took place at the mound with Lincoln Henzman.

As it happened, though, TCU’s arms could survive the Cards, and they polished off a 4-3 win to score a rematch with Florida on Friday night.

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Alex Bregman has not taken the world by storm like Kris Bryant.

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This year’s .308 OBP is something of a disappointment, then. Or a cosmic disturbance.

I’m not sure how much the Astros were really expecting from a 40-year-old Carlos Beltran slightly less than they got in 2004, perhaps but his average, OBP, and power are all down substantially. It’s not like he moved from Yankee Stadium to AT&T Park, so the age gremlins might have gotten him.

Charlie Morton has been OK, but not great. Mike Fiers is broken, perhaps, and the entire rotation behind Keuchel and McCullers has been underwhelming, at best.

It’s not an extensive list of disappointing players. But for a team that’s winning nearly three out of every four games, it’s still telling that over a quarter of their roster has been a disappointment, including four projected lineup cogs.

That’s outright ignoring the rules, and by doing so the Cubs lost out on a run and the Padres lost their catcher to injury. Shouldn’t Maddon be upset about that first part, even if he has to pretend the second part isn’t an actual issue?

[Update 2:59 p.m:] These aren’t just the ramblings of someone with a series to follow-up on. MLB has reportedly determined Rizzo did in fact fail to follow rule 7.13. This changes nothing, as Rizzo was called out at the plate, other than the fact that he was wrong and now should have to apologize by saying It turns out that the game was not on.

In lighter news we can be mad at the Cubs about, they’re selling pieces of ivy from the 2016 version of Wrigley Field for $200. I guess we should just be happy that the Cubs didn’t make all of them say That’s Cub.

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