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Connecticut governor want Islanders to relocate to Hartford

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The governor of Connecticut made a pitch Friday to bring the Islanders to Hartford for the 2018-19 season.

Hartford had been home to the Whalers untl the franchise relocated to Carolina in 1997.

Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT) sent a letter to Islanders ownership making his state’s case as the team’s future home.

Via WFSB, it reads in part: It has come to our attention that the Islanders may be in the need for a new home after the 2017-18 season. Recognizing that many issues will complicate your decision making, we would nonetheless like to offer Hartford’s XL Center as an option for your interim use.

Malloy later adds we would suggest the building as a long-term solution to your needs as well.

The Islanders play in Brooklyn, but reports say the team will be forced out of the The Barclays Center after next season when the lease is terminated.

Senators coach Guy Boucher even thinks that Karlsson should be seriously considered for the Hart Trophy.

With what he’s done this year, the way he’s done it, I can’t imagine better, Boucher told reporters last month. Right now, it’s absolutely sublime. It really is.

Karlsson was snubbed in the Norris voting last year despite leading NHL defensemen in nearly every offensive category. The Kings’ Drew Doughty took home the award because of his defensive skills.

With Burns and Karlsson so close in offensive production, Karlsson gets the edge here because he’s a better all-around defenseman.

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The over-under for total innings thrown by a starter in a Yankees-Indians ALDS would be about 10.5.

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You don’t need to provide the Indians with a proof of concept about how it could work. They didn’t exactly invent the idea of riding their bullpen until it crumples, but they certainly popularized it last year. They did it last year because they had to, because two of their better pitchers, Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco, were hurt. So their rotation was basically Corey Kluber and Johnny Wholestaff, over and over again.

They had to do it last year. This year, they might do it by design. If Britton is right, and the rest of the Indians bullpen is as effective as they were last year, they’ll be the masters of shortening the game again. The over-under for total innings thrown by a starter in a Yankees-Indians ALDS would be about 10.5.

Mid-Atlantic RegionCSingle A Team for Sale. Unique turnaround situation with long-established franchise located within 90 minutes of Baltimore and D.C. This team may be a candidate for a new stadium in its own market or a potential relocation. Very strong Major league affiliation. Asking price is $8.5 million.
Unique turnaround situation is probably not what you want; that’s like saying a house is a fixer-upper with good bones. You’re not fooling anyone. Plus, $8.5 million is pretty steep for Chrissy as a first time owner. Next!

Ownership Opportunity in Portfolio of Affiliated Top Tier Minor League Baseball Franchises A top tier MiLB Ownership group is seeking new partners in its Minor League Baseball investment fund. Partners will immediately own a share of two MiLB franchises (Triple-A, Single-A) with equity proceeds used to fund new team acquisitions. The current investor group is highly experienced, having a completed a successful relocation and stadium development and is eager to partner with new investors to build the portfolio. We believe this is a rare opportunity to partner alongside a highly respected team at an affordable value (the fund is currently accepting investments in $500k increments).

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MLB trade rumor grade: Marco Estrada to the Royals?

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Welcome (back?) to our trade deadline series where we take a look at a rumor to determine just how believable and likely it is. Rumors can just come out all over the place, and we’ve decided it’s our job to let you know if they pass the smell test and beyond.

SB Nation’s own Chris Cotillo reports that the Royals are interested in trading for Blue Jays’ starter Marco Estrada. Yes, that’s right, even someone who works for us is not free from the scrutiny we’re bringing to trade deadline season. Never dunk on others if you can’t handle being dunked on yourself. Pretty sure that’s in the Bible somewhere.

Well the Royals basically have no prospects and don’t have room in the budget to re-sign all the major contributors who are going to leave through free agency, and wouldn’t get enough back in trades to put them right back into contention so … a lot of unexpected things would have to go right.

That might sound like a lazy way off this section, but think about it: Hosmer has a 124 OPS+ and has hit .318/.379/.542 over his last 47 games. Mike Moustakas is slugging .630 with 16 homers in that same stretch. Lorenzo Cain has been back to being the Lorenzo Cain that helped the Royals to consecutive World Series appearances. Those dudes are potentially all gone in four months, as is one of their only good starting pitchers from 2017.

Don’t get too excited, nerds (he says with love in his voice you cannot glean from this written word): There are two months of season left, and the Royals’ last two months went pretty well.

Kansas City knows it, too, as they’ve already traded for Trevor Cahill, find themselves in other rumors for starting pitchers, and are clearly going for it while they can. Should they, though, when they could trade their pending free agents to help kickstart a rebuild? Let’s dig in.

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MLB trade rumor grade: Yu Darvish to the Cubs?

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Yu Darvish is excellent, a pending free agent, and currently employed by an under-.500 team. As such, we will be saturated with Darvish trade rumors for the next 10 days. I would complain, except it’s going to be a whole mess of fun.

Up until now, though, the rumors were vague. The Rangers were exploring the idea of trading Darvish. Contending teams have checked in. Sources with knowledge of the Rangers’ thinking were concerned that trades were just a construct and that man was not meant to be used in the transactional follies of the ruling class. There wasn’t anything concrete. Give us a concrete rumor!

Well, all right. You can build a house out of that sucker. The Cubs have already made the biggest move of the deadline so far, and they’re at least contemplating making another whopper. Does this rumor make sense?

Heck yeah, that’s an A-. The Braves’ 11-through-20 prospects might be better than the top 10 for some teams, and this is certainly one way to guarantee they get some present value from that deep system. Gray makes sense, even if the Braves are currently in sell mode (at least, if the Jaime Garcia trade is any indication).

Pitchers as young, cheap, and talented as Gray don’t come up for auction very often, and the Braves are rightfully interested. They were interested in Jose Quintana, too, and this is just a variation on the theme. The Braves don’t really know what they are at this point, and Gray can help them figure that out together.

The Dodgers are the Ghost of Baseball Future, unconscionably young and improving, with untapped potential to address whatever weak spots they still might have. They’re going to win the NL West by a million games, and they’ll have home-field advantage throughout the postseason unless something goes screwy.

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