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Why Lance McCullers will pretend he’s facing Jose Fernandez in emotional start

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Hall of Famer and Pirates icon Willie Stargell’s 1979 NL MVP award and 79 World Series ring are to be auctioned off by his widow, who hopes the items land with baseball fans because those are the people he played for, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

It’s important to us that we share Willie’s memorabilia with baseball fans and collectors, Margaret Weller-Stargell said in an email to the Post-Gazette. Those are the people he played for, and it’s our desire that his coveted awards wind up in the hands of those who will appreciate the items the most.

An SCP Auctions spokesman says he expects the 20 items from Stargell’s personal memorabilia to sell for more than $500,000 in the auction that runs from May 24 to June 10.

Lance McCullers Jr. wrote a simple message Tuesday on the memorial wall outside Marlins Park honoring late ace and fellow Tampa, Fla., high school product Jose Fernandez: Rest easy, my brother. I love you. We made it.

The Astros righthander underlined the We, he told the Houston Chronicle, adding that penning his tribute to Fernandez, who died in a boating accident last September, was tougher than I thought it was going to be.

The emotion will be thick Wednesday afternoon, too, when McCullers, 23, will take the mound in his home state, where he was a high school freshman and Fernandez, who had defected from Cuba, was a sophomore when they met in Tampa. They became workout partners the summer after McCullers’ freshman year.

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Red Sox to hold charity marathon inside Fenway Park

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Hamels’ impressive streak of at least 30 starts in nine consecutive seasons is toast, a big blow to a Rangers team coming off back-to-back AL West titles and expected to contend for a third in a row.

The Red Sox are giving new meaning to the term, running one out.

The team will host a full marathon inside Fenway Park on Sept. 15 to benefit the Red Sox Foundation, which is the team’s charity that assists children, veterans, families and communities throughout New England.

The marathon, all 26.2 miles of it, will consist of 112 laps around the warning track at Fenway Park and will be limited to 50 participants, who each have to raise at least $5,000 to go toward the team’s charity. The team will give prizes, including Green Monster seats, to the top three fundraisers.

The Red Sox have long been supporters of the annual Boston Marathon.

Spectators will be allowed into Fenway Park to watch the September race, which will have a six-hour cut-off time.
That’s some inside-the-parker.

Hernandez has been one of MLB’s best and most reliable starters — 10 consecutive years of at least 30 starts before making only 25 last year, with a 3.18 ERA in those 11 seasons — but he left his start in Detroit after just two innings and landed on the DL the next day. He hasn’t pitched since, but has started the rehab process. Don’t expect the Mariners to rush him.

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Michael Morse heads to 7-day concussion DL after colliding with Giants teammate in brawl

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Tom Seaver doesn’t watch much baseball these days. He’s too busy running a California vineyard.

But when the Mets Hall of Fame pitcher discussed the state of the current Mets, he had some advice for today’s power pitchers.

What’s with these guys and this obsession today with velocity? How about just pitch? Learn how to pitch, Seaver said during an interview with the New York Daily News. Because eventually that velocity will be harder and harder to maintain on a consistent basis.

The topic came up after Daily News columnist Bill Madden told Seaver that Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard was out with a torn right lat muscle. Syndergaard led baseball last year with a fastball that averaged 97.9 mph, but he arrived at spring training this year 17 pounds heavier thanks to some added muscle mass.

Harper joked before Tuesday’s game, in which Samardzija was on the mound for the Giants, that the collision between Morse and Samardzija might have prevented Harper from getting injured. It should be noted that Morse and Harper were Nationals teammates in 2012.

I’m kinda thankful that Mikey Mo and Samardzija collided because Samardzija saw blood a little bit, I thought, Harper told reporters. I’m very thankful for Mikey Mo.

MLB suspended Harper four games and Strickland six games, fining each player, for their roles in igniting the brawl. Each player appealed the discipline and was eligible to play Tuesday.

Even if Strickland has his suspension reduced, the reliever will certainly still miss some games, as will Morse thanks to the friendly fire.

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Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar apologizes for using homophobic slur; MLB plans investigation

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The Blue Jays and Braves got into a benches-clearing brawl Wednesday after Kevin Pillar took exception to a pitch from Jason Motte. Following the incident, Twitter users did some lip-reading and came away with the impression Pillar used a homophobic slur toward Motte.

While it’s difficult to tell for sure from the video, Major League Baseball saw enough to open an investigation, according to Sportsnet. The report says MLB’s look into the issue isn’t just for the fight, but specifically whether Pillar used a slur in his exchange with Motte.

After the game, Pillar issued an apology for his actions, although he didn’t say specifically what he said.

Yeah, I mean, obviously that was the initial thing I was upset about but I think it just stems from a little frustration in myself and just the way this series has been going. It was immature, it was stupid, it was uncalled for. It’s part of the game, it’s just, I’m a competitive guy and a heat of the moment. Obviously I’m going to do whatever I’ve got to do to reach out and apologize and let him know the didn’t do anything wrong, it was all me.

In an era when strikeouts are trending up ’ in the AL, the league strikeout percentage has increased every year for the past dozen seasons, from 15.4 percent in 2005 to 21.4 percent so far in 2017 ’ Trout is bucking the trend. He’s decided that putting the ball in play, by any means possible, is more important than trying to blast the ball out of the ballpark every single time he takes the bat off his shoulder. That means, of course, a renewed two-strike focus.

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MLB hacking scandal: Yes, great players are available with picks Cardinals gave Astros

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred finally handed down his punishment in the Cardinals’ hacking case Monday afternoon.

The Hall of Fame treats all 246 elected players the same. That’s good enough for me. I’ll use my ballot to vote for the players I feel meet the standards of those 246, not just the 51 first-ballot guys or the 119 elected by the BBWAA. That’s why I voted for the maximum 10 players on my ballot this year, and I’ll continue to vote for as many as I feel meet the standard of the 246 (or whatever that number is from year to year).

The results in Ryan Thibodaux’s Hall of Fame ballot tracker show most of my colleagues are taking this approach, too. Of the 206 voters who have publicly released their ballots as of Monday morning, 118 voted for the maximum 10, and another 45 voted for either eight or nine players. Another 37 voted for five, six or seven players, and a quick scan through the Tracker shows a lot of those folks are in the keep the PED guys out’ club, so that makes sense. We’ll tackle that debate in a different column.

So, in the wake of the Chargers’ exit, what’s likely to happen in 2017 is that die-hard Padres fans will continue to be die-hards, casual fans will continue to be casual fans, and previously uninterested people might take a slight interest given the lack of other options. As for a potential Padres relocation, that seems highly unlikely. At least not anytime soon. Las Vegas Padres doesn’t sound good anyway.

Spring training is about a month away, but there’s not much reason for optimism. On-field expectations are low, as they always seem to be.

Given the city’s likely-to-linger grumblings over the Chargers’ exit, that doesn’t bode well for an exciting sports summer in San Diego.

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At last, Homer Simpson takes his place in Baseball Hall of Fame

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In 2014, the Mets tabbed a polished college hitter with their first-round pick, and Michael Conforto has done a bang-up job. The hesitancy with Hiura is his lack of a defined position and an elbow injury that’s kept him from throwing this season. Still, he’s hit .411 as UC Irvine’s DH this season, which is hard to ignore.

Carlson could be the first prep pitcher from Minnesota to go in the first round of the MLB Draft, which is cool. He’s a big kid who throws hard, and that velocity has jumped up a bit this spring. Teams like that kind of thing.

The Blue Jays pick twice in the first 30 selections, here and at No. 28 (compensation for losing Edwin Encarnacion), which gives them options. They’ve leaned college lately, and Peterson is a big (6-6) lefty from Oregon who checks a lot of boxes.

Homer Simpson’s career on the diamond didn’t last long, but his impact was profound.

So it was that the former Springfield Nuclear Plant right fielder was honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame Saturday as the museum celebrated the 25-year anniversary of the classic Homer at the Bat episode.

Simpson’s induction plaque catalogues the attributes that made him a legend: Girthy right-handed hitter powered many a mighty wallop during celebrated 1992 season with Wonderbat ’ his secret weapon. Lack of mobility in the field was no match for moves atop the dugout.

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