Gorodetsky posted on Instagram a photo of himself and Thunder guard Russell Westbrook at a poker table in Las Vegas in October 2014.

orodetsky has text messages he said came from Cavaliers assistant and former NBA player Damon Jones. Gorodetsky said Jones has bet on baseball , adding, He used to text me everyday and ask me who I like.

Russ King, Gorodetsky’s security guy, said Gorodetsky and Jones spent time together at the NBA’s summer league in Las Vegas this summer, but through Cavs spokesperson B.J. Evans, Jones said he does not know Gorodetsky.

With Gorodetsky making outlandish claims that he wins 60 to 65 percent of his bets and that his tout service will have a market share of at least 5% of a $150 billion industry once sports betting becomes legal nationwide, this is a story the sports betting industry just doesn’t believe. It’s also one several athletes wish never was published.

After running through the college football awards circuit from Atlanta to New York earlier this month, Mayfield got a few bowl practices in before heading home to Austin, Texas, Dec. 22 for Christmas. That’s when he said he began to feel ill.

Something going around, flu-like, he said. My mom was pretty worried to send me out here like that.

Mayfield admitted that his hotel room has been littered with lots of medicine, boxes of tea, and honey and lemon. He said he’d become so sick of drinking tea that he was trying coffee Saturday, though he still put honey and lemon in it. My voice sounds like this because I was yelling at practice. Yesterday was the best I felt. … I hope I’m 100 percent by Monday. I think I will be.

Riley had been hoping that Mayfield would attend media day, if only to eliminate the distractions about his condition. Then he woke up Saturday morning not feeling well again. Riley actually didn’t know Mayfield had left the hotel until he looked up and saw him across the room.

I wasn’t surprised, Riley said. I told him that if he felt well enough to do it, he should come do it. He got it out of the way, and everyone got to see he’s alive and able to walk and the world isn’t coming to an end.

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