The Denver Nuggets acknowledged their victory wasn’t a masterpiece — with 24 turnovers and all — but they were sharp enough to snap a losing streak and hold their playoff spot.

As long as he stays in Phoenix, he is going to be the main guy that the Suns build around, and that means we could be seeing seasons ahead with Booker averaging 25-plus points, taking 20-plus shots a game and making over three 3-pointers per game. From Day 1, Booker looked like a Klay Thompson-type player and, while he may not be quite the sharpshooter or defender that Thompson is, he has both his age working in his favor, as well as no future Hall of Famers with whom he has to share the ball on a nightly basis.

Jim Cregan: I think Booker has one more fantasy growth spurt left in him. As with many young stars, Booker’s peak volume has arrived — in the form of a 30.7 usage rate in 2017-18 — before his peak efficiency. His PER is making incremental year-to-year jumps, from 12.00 to 14.64 to his current 18.67. The 3-point production is there, but he can crack fantasy’s top 20 if he refines his field-goal percentage (which is still a subpar 42.9 percent) by shifting even more attempts to beyond the arc, and continuing to up his assist rate (4.8 per game in 2017-18).

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“We’re closer than we’ve ever been to achieving a pretty significant goal. We Best Quality Cheap Jerseys don’t feel like we’re there at all, and I don’t see complacency creeping in there,” Brown said. “We’re playing a team in desperation mode.”

Led by Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky, the determined Hornets charged Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys to a 14-point lead and seemed poised to snatch a needed road win.

The 76ers stole the win right back.