Kris Bryant is pretty good at the whole baseball thing. He’s 25, he’s already got an MVP and a World Series ring, and he’s not even arbitration-eligible yet. The Cubs were hoping to keep him from ever being that way, too, as they reportedly offered him an extension or, at the least, tried to begin extension talks. However, Bryant (and his agent, Scott Boras), apparently have no interest in signing one, to the point that they might not have even taken the time to hear the Cubs out.

According to the Jon Heyman story linked above, one Cubs official described the response of Bryant’s camp to an extension entreaty to be We’re good. And you probably don’t even need to ask why that’s the case. But if you’re scratching your head as to why, it has to do with maximizing earnings.

Kris Bryant would benefit financially if he accepted an extension now, sure, in the sense that he’s trapped in a system that refuses to recognize the value of what he’s producing until he’s 30 years old. He’s a superstar athlete, though, and he’s in a tremendous position to bet on himself and earn far more than what the Cubs will offer him.

A team would have to have three rookies in their lineup, all who have never hit a major league homer before, and they’d all have to face a pitcher who was ready to give up dingers. Well, ready probably isn’t the right word there. James Shields wasn’t ready to give up those home runs. But now he’s part of history, just like Olson, Brugman, and Barreto.

The Athletics have had a rough few years, but their future is full of promise. And everyone saw it explode in to reality in the span of just three innings.

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