Teams that can do this should absolutely, without question, look to deal relievers when they’re in a bit of a rough patch. The Orioles have allowed 549 runs and scored 469. That’s bad. I want you to picture the Orioles somehow making the postseason as the second wild card and setting up their ALCS rotation with Ubaldo Jimenez or Wade Miley in it. It would be more dadaist than sabermetric, and it’s not going to happen. If they contend next year, it’ll be because the rotation is shored up. They can worry about the bullpen then.

Britton would probably net them a bunch of prospects. He isn’t a free agent until after the 2018 season, after all. And while he’s been outstanding for them, the odds of him enjoying a multi-decade Trevor Hoffman career are low for everyone, not just him. The odds that a long-term deal into his 30s wouldn’t work out, so this is the zenith of his value.
They should trade him, assuming his stock hasn’t gone down too much, which it probably has not.

Bo hit at that level during big league batting practice and though he’s far away, looks poised to do the same in real games for Toronto in a few years. Despite his son’s success spending time around a major league clubhouse, Dante knows that type of experience isn’t always a beneficial one.

It’s important, but your kid’s gotta behave, man, Dante said. Bottom line. Your kid can’t be going and clowning around in the clubhouse. The guys don’t get that much time to themselves. If they’ve got some kid in there distracting them all the time, it can be a pain.

It’s a completely fixable problem, and Washington just got a huge jump on the repairs. Contrast that with the Cubs, who have no idea how to fix whatever’s broken. Contrast that with the Red Sox, who have wobbled at times, and can’t shake the Yankees or Rays. The Nationals built a huge lead in the NL East, and now they get to address their biggest problem.

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