This is especially vital, Utley said, because the game has changed since he first came up in 2003.

“I feel like the talent level has gotten better,” he said. “Pitchers are throwing harder and have better stuff, and they’re just overall better athletes. The game is evolving.”

Because of this, those who can slow the game down and not lose the perspective of the individual moments that make up a season are increasingly important to good teams.

This ability, while it will take time and experience for some of his teammates to accrue, is one that will become more essential when the Dodgers reach the postseason, and Utley, veteran of October baseball in seven different seasons, knows that all the success of April through September is no guarantee of more to come. One thing the Dodgers need to be wary of, Utley knows, is getting ahead of themselves.

“The goal is to have the opportunity to play in the posteason, and once the postseason starts, you never know what can happen,” Utley said. “But if we can continue to improve, I like our chances.”

Barkley was often at war with his teammates. About Anderson and Hawkins’ complaints, he yowled, “That’s indicative of the way our team is. Everybody points fingers, but they don’t point them at themselves. Everybody comes up with different excuses. We didn’t play up to our potential, or maybe we did. Right now, we’ve got like 12 different agendas. We’re not all trying to achieve the same goal. I’m not going to say anything bad about anybody. I don’t know what they’re being sensitive about. Every player always believes he’s better than he is.”

In mid-March, with the Sixers’ playoff hopes fading after a fifth straight loss, Barkley summed up his Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys season with this elite-level whine: “We have to play like it’s life or death, and we aren’t doing that. Of NFL Jerseys Paypal course, death might be better than life right now.”